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 First chracter

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PostSubject: First chracter   First chracter I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2012 2:36 am

#=only for demigods
*=only for gods
Character form

Name:Rebecca Nightingale
Skin Tone:Slightly Tanned skin
Body Type:Slightly Muscular

God|Titan|Primordial Parent#:Nyx
God of?*:
Mortal Parent#:Stanley Nightingale aged 38 years
Godly parents*:
Siblings:None currently know to her
Place or origin:She was born in mexico but has been raised in chicago
Education/occupation:Rebecca attends a high school half time due to 'Family problems'
Ethnic background#:Tanned Mexican
Pet Animal*:A hell-hound Puppy named Darquesque
Personality:Rebecca can be mischievous but always is kind deep down and truley helps her friends who are in need of help but will sometimes go the wrong way about solving her and her friends problems.
Hobbies;Rebecca loves to read in her silent graveyard near her house she owns.She also enjoys talking to the graves ghost and spirits.She also likes playing video games.Her favourite thing to do is shadow travel to the dark woods which she explores.
Picture or 10 sentence physical description:

Second picture(optional for demigods, required for gods):

Talents:Duelling against Monsters,Speaking many well known languages.
Flaws(three for demigod, two for made up god):She loves pranking which can sometimes end her up in trouble,Hates going into sunny places and Most of all is too chatty which can make her stand out
Powers(for demigods or made up gods)Can shadow travel 150 miles a day. If she goes over her limit she will pass out to awake to being nauseous for 2 days before she gains back he heath and is able to travel the 75 miles a day.She may travel in parts but she must have a hour break before travelling again.
Weapon:She has a double sided dagger with one side with celestial bronze and another with imperial gold and the edges of the dagger are lined with Stygian iron.
Typical clothing:She likes to wear jeans and a tank top which is usually based on the colour scheme red or green
History(6 sentence):Rebecca Luckily has managed to remain hidden maybe because of her excellent ability to lend into the shadows which are usually in corners or her constant travelling.She has been found once by a monster who only tried to recruit her due to the fact she was so powerful.She almost did join if not for seeing what happened to a demigod who played a joke on one of them and was about to be turned into monster chow.Once the boy was safe she left confront those monsters but on her way she was attacked but took down the monster with ease and got over confident and travelled to the monsters with only her dagger but eing exposed to the suns harsh ray took its cost and she passed out to wake in the dead of the night.With stealth she took down all the monsters and took a enchanted bag which was unable to be filled and Stuffed a load of supplys in and fled to the graveyard.
RP Example(6 sentence):I Free ran to door the suns harsh rays beaming down on my head.I thought to my self 'Once we get their the monsters will be no problem'
I saw the camp ahead and took another deep step and another and boom my face splatted against the rock solid floor and my mind went black.
I awoke about 5 hours later and I could see a burning fire but only one guard near it so I decided to sneak round the back and Pulled the tent up slightly and slit the Minotaurs throat.
I sneak to the next tent but could smell a distinctive smell which smelt like rotten fish and rotten egg.
"Trolls..."I muttered so close to a silent voice
Notes:She has ADHD
And can't be in the sun for longer than 2 and a half hours this means the sun beating on her head heavily.
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First chracter
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