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 Titus Neath

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PostSubject: Titus Neath   Titus Neath I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 4:21 am

Name:Titus Neath
Birthday:November 26. 1996
Skin Tone:Mocha
Body Type:Fit
Accent:An African accent, not too thick

God|Titan|Primordial Parent#:Phusis
God of?*:N/A
Mortal Parent#:Michael Neath
Godly parents*:N/A
Place or origin: Kenya
Education/occupation: 10th grade
Ethnic background#:African

Personality:Humble as much as a prince can be. Sometimes quiet but can be fun to be around. Has a stern side when it comes to being a prince.
Hobbies; Playing in the brush..hunting somewhat. Painting and dancing some.
Picture or 10 sentence physical
Second picture(optional for demigods, required for gods)

Flaws(three for demigod, two for made up god):Fear of heights. A little prideful. Easily tricked.
Powers(for demigods or made up gods)
Can communicate with plants and animals
GeoK- can cause earthquakes. the earthquakes lasts about 3 minutes.
ChlorK- can control any type of plants and are immune to plant poisons.
Can control animals.
Weapon:A spear and dual battle axes, a knife and shield.(Mixed with Ivory and CB)
Typical clothing:ear traditional African attire. When in other countries wear almost regular clothes.
History(4 sentence): Titus was born in Zulashi where is father was crowned king and ruled. His mother left them since he was a titan. there he grew up and trained as a warrior with his closest friends. he experienced battle institutions in the War room under the palace and learn to speak many different languages as well as his father. He would soon go to America
RP Example(6 sentence):As I watched the dancers from my mini throne I smile. I missed my friend Zaria who had went to another tribal meeting. i sigh and glace at my father. "May i be excused?" i asked taking my eyes of the beautiful dancers."Why my son? they only just started." he explained. i scratch my head and look back at the dancers. "Please, father?" i asked again. he gave in and nodded. "that will be all, thank you." i said as they bowed at my father then at me. i smiled and got up from my throne and walked to my room as two of my best friends and elite guards follow close behind me.
Notes:Has the sickle cell trait.
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PostSubject: Re: Titus Neath   Titus Neath I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 5:19 am

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Titus Neath
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