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 character form

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PostSubject: character form   Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:44 am

Myth:Break is the son of Chaos and Nyx he was born after chaos gained some of nyxe's blood and mixed it with his own therefore creating break
Birthday:13th of april
Skin Tone:Pale white
Body Type:Muscular
God|Titan|Primordial Parent#:Chaos and Nyx
God of?*:Chaotic Nights
Mortal Parent#:N/A
Siblings:To long list
Children:Isabella Smith (6 Years)
Place or origin:Florida
Education/occupation:He appears in his senior year at high school and is often mistaken for Isabellas brother
Ethnic background#:N/A

Animal*:Black Dragon
Symbol*:A black flame in a grey background
Personality:He can be mean and can often be a know it all and mean but not realise
Hobbies;He likes taking his daughter out to theme parks and likes to duel and use the internet
Picture or 10 sentence physical description:
Second picture(optional for demigods, required for gods):
Talents:Dueling ,Archery, Pacifist fighting,Hacking

Flaws(three for demigod, two for made up god):Know it all causes upset sometimes and can be over protective to his daughter
Powers(for demigods or made up gods)Can travel as pleases due to being god and can give nightmares if he touches people who are asleep.And can launch fire balls at 60.c twenty times a day at the size of tennis balls.And can create objects 10 times a day.
Typical clothing: Usually wears hoodies and jeans
History(3 sentence):Break is the son of Chaos and Nyx he was born after chaos gained some of nyxe's blood and mixed it with his own therefore creating break.He travled the world and one day a baby was left outside his door and he named her isabella.
RP Example(2 sentence):I ran up the towering stairs in the castle and began to pant.I knocked and opened isabella's door she was still asleep so the crying I had heard was in My head.

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PostSubject: Re: character form   Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:35 am

Place of origin is where he was born or made.History is 3 sentences

Nia,roman goddess of troubles

John,son of Zeus.
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character form
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